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As a professional freight forwarder that provides full end to end management of international freight forwarding services, including air freight, sea freight services and shipping company management and customs clearance;  

We also offer customs broker services including customs clearance in Brisbane, Warehousing and door to door delivery to name a few. 

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Experienced Customs Broker Brisbane 

We help Australian businesses to smooth out and speed up the customs clearance process in, logistics service, customs consultancy, compliance requirements, Australian border force checks, insurance services, supply chain auditing, inspection services,  

Because we are expert freight forwarders and experienced Brisbane customs broker, we are well equipped to manage your customs needs and guarantee that your cargo will adhere to industry regulations and international laws.  

Thus, avoiding and delays and unnecessary hidden costs. 

Delays and additional costs are usually caused by poor compliance to the Australian import requirements, and more recently a lot of purchased goods have been a victim of this.  

Thus, it is imperative to seek help from one of the best freight companies in Australia like Brisbane Freight Forwarding Specialists.

Before you purchase or if you have already purchased some goods, reach out to us to we can manage . 

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The Trusted Customs Brokers 

Our team of professionals at Brisbane Freight Forwarding Specialists are consistently up to date with current international import and freight regulations and changes in the legislation and industry developments.  

This means you can focus on your business and what you do best with peace of mind that your customs clearance is on track.  

Ultimately, we are well equipped with the knowledge, skill and industry contacts to offer these high-quality customs clearance services to our customers: 

Tariff Advice and Concessions 

Customs and Quarantine Clearance 

Commerce, Acts & Regulations 


Duty Drawbacks & Refunds 

Quarantine Procedures, Laws & Legislation 

Restricted & Prohibited Import Regulations

Tarrif Consultancy and Audits

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Landed Costing 

Temporary Imports 

12 Australian Customs Mistakes when importing your own goods 

For those goods that are to be imported, compliance with the Australian import requirements is extremely important.  

Not only will it assure the shipments of cargo from passing swiftly through Australia customs without delay but also avoiding penalties and other kinds of problems.  

Thus, here are some key points to remember:

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Not understanding AQIS regulations

As an importer, if you fail to comply with Restricted Commodities Regulations and those under the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, there can be serious consequences for you or your business. It is important that all importers fully understand these AQIS regulations to avoid any penalties with goods being held up at a later stage. Currently, we have a number of clients we are assisting in this area to help them understand how to apply with their specific import requirements. 

Not understanding how duties and taxes work

As an importer, it is vital that you calculate your taxes, duties, and even special items duties. This is something you will need continuously check though the ABF website, as regulations do change. You can also use our Import Calculator to get a rough idea on fees. 

Not making the right choices on which documents are needed for your import

There are several associations or organizations that can recommend the best freight forwarder for you. You can look up associations representing the freight forwarding industry. In Australia, The International Forwarders And Customs Brokers Association is known as the country’s top national body, and it functions to make sure that there is an adequate representation of the members and their interests in the field of international trade logistics. For you to make importing easier, it is important that you check the necessary documents needed. You can either refer to the ABF website, or you can contact us for the correct documents for your situation.  

Not understanding the rules of special items duties

There are plenty of things included in this category, including footwear, automotive parts, food products, paintings and many more. It’s best to ask a customs clearance broker first about the details of each product before purchase. 

Failing to declare all products being imported

When an importer fails to declare one or some of its products upon arriving into AU Customs, whether they are aware about needing to declare the certain item or not, they will be penalised. Remember that it is a crucial rule for all importers to declare all products upon arrival during the custom’s clearance process. This is another reason why a professional customs clearance broker can add value and peace of mind with your imports. We are consistently on the front foot of any regulation changes to make sure your packages don’t get held up or worse, penalised and fined.  

No classification of your products

If you’re importing a product and do not know its correct classification, it would be best to check with us first on which tariff sub classification your goods should fall under before proceeding on placing an order on any products from overseas suppliers or manufacturers. In order for AU Customs authorities to correctly assess the customs duty and other taxes payable by you, product classifications are needed before they can determine what rate of import duty applies to your product/s. 

Not understanding the scope of your import quotas

Australia has various trade agreements with different countries. These agreements make it possible for importers to bring certain goods into Australia at a lower tax rate, or even zero duty rates if the product/s are covered by an Australian quota. If you fail to understand which quota’s applicable on your products before importing them, then you will incur more costs than necessary once they arrive at Australia Customs. This is why it really pays that prior to ordering any products overseas, get in touch with us so we can help you get all things ready and done properly before go ahead with the purchase. 

Not getting enough information about regulated goods

You should not forget about these types of items imported into Australia because penalties may apply if the regulations aren’t followed. If you’re not sure what’s regulated and how to correctly import these items, then it is best that you discuss with us first before making a purchase or importing anything into Australia for yourself or your company. 

Not getting enough information about prohibited goods

There are also goods that cannot be brought in at all, such as weapons, drugs and even baby formula. If you try bringing any of these types of products into Australia without prior approval from Australian Customs authorities, there will be serious penalties should they get caught by officers along the way. 

Declaring incorrect price on invoices

It is important that importers always declare the correct price on their invoice when declaring the value of an imported product. If you’re not sure about the correct way to declare the value, then it would be best that you contact a customs clearance broker first before making a submission on importing a certain product into Australia. 

Failing to keep enough records of your imports

Regardless of whether or not you are required by AU Customs authorities to maintain and produce records for certain imported products, we believe that these should always be kept in case problems arise later on with your imported goods. It is important for all importers to understand how long they need to keep such records so as not to get caught short at a later stage. We provide comprehensive records for all of our clients which can be access anytime on our online portal. We can also provide these records to AU Customs on your behalf should they ask for them at any point. 

Choosing the wrong Customs Broker

Freight Forwarders Brisbane are considered as a reliable companion in clearing Australia Customs for you because we have been doing these kinds of services for almost 10 years and counting. This makes us more than capable to keep your freight needs moving successfully and efficiently. 

Why Choose our Customs Clearance Service?

As your trusted and leading customs brokers and freight forwarding consultants in Brisbane, we have over 15 years of combined experience that allows us to offer customisable freight forwarding services. 

We ensure that your needs for customs clearance are met, including air freight, sea freight, and land freight.  

We also have a wide array of services including interstate transport, forklift transport, and boat transport for your bulky items that will surely suit your needs and budget.  

All you have to do is give us the details of your freight needs, and we will take care of everything else. 

Do I really need a customs broker? 

With the number of goods imported and exported daily, it is very essential to know what rules and regulations you must comply with before taking your cargo for international trade.  

Thus, having the services of professional Brisbane customs brokers like Brisbane Freight Forwarding Specialists can help ensure that your goods will be released on time without issues.  

If you would still like to organise your own freight and customs clearance yourself, we’ve put together a list that may help with the most common mistakes when importing your own goods.