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Welcome to Brisbane Freight Forwarding Specialists (BFFS) — the most trusted international shipping agent for your next cargo shipment, freight forwarding needs, customs clearance, sea freight, air freight, or simply a freight quote. We provide personalised logistics services to make your shipment needs possible.  

Our company offers the highest quality, reliable and professional freight forwarding solutions to ensure that your goods get to their expected destinations as scheduled. Whether you need to transport a full container, large unique items or vehicles, or simply smaller or fragile items, BFFS has the best global connections and network to make it happen.

Why Choose us as your Freight Forwarders in Brisbane?

Personalised Business Freight Review

Not all freight forwarding needs are the same; we take your freight needs seriously and believe that asking the right questions at the start leads to successful ongoing freight partnerships. One of the pillars for a successful business is the supply chain, and for that reason, we recommend a one hour Busines Freight Review where we will dive into streamlining your current needs and map out your goals to scale your freight requirements as your business grows.  

Experience and Global Partners

Brisbane Freight Forwarding Specialists are backed up by eight years of experience in logistics and shipping for commercial freight. We have teamed up with top international transport and freight companies in Brisbane and beyond. Our focus is on streamlining your freight process to save you time and money. 

Customs Broker Services 

 We offer professional customs broker services as a part of our freight forwarder full service or as a stand-alone service if you have already organised your freight delivery. Australian customs can disrupt supply chains if over small mistakes or communication errors. 

End To End Services

Lodgement of Import Declaration (Before Arrival of Goods)

Lodgement of Self-Assessed Clearances (SAC)

Monitoring of Shipment

Expert Customs Consultancy Services

Quarantine Advice and Appraisal

Status Reports for Shipment

Lodgement of Full Import Declarations (FID)

Applications for Import Permit

Landed Costing Reports

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Does the thought of importing direct from the factory sound too hard? International freight can seem confusing and overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be! With a reliable freight forwarder like FFB in your corner, and asking the right questions, importing has never been easier! It can even save you and your client a lot of money!

What are the terms?

Firstly, when obtaining a quote from your overseas supplier, consider the Incoterms you are purchasing your goods on. Make sure these are formally stated on the quote received from the overseas supplier, as this will limit any unexpected charges down the line. The following are the most common used in the promotional industry.

Ex Works (EXW) – Seller is required to make goods available for pickup at their own place of business. All other transportation risks and costs are assumed by the buyer. The full pick up address at origin will be needed (including any applicable postcodes). This can generally be found on the supplier’s quote, however, it may differ, so we recommend having your supplier re-confirm.

Free on Board (FOB) – Seller pays for transportation of the goods to the nearest port/airport of export, plus loading costs. The buyer will pay the costs for sea/air freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the arrival port to the final destination.

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How is it Shipping?

When looking at the quantity of your shipment, ask for advice on the most economical way to ship.  Options include a 20’ or 40’ foot ‘full container load’ (FCL), ‘less than a container load’ (LCL) or air freight (AF).

To be as accurate as possible with pricing, your supplier will need to provide:

  • Total cartons/pieces
  • Size of each cartons/pieces
  • Weight of each cartons/pieces

How will it be packed?

How can you ensure that goods will be packaged adequately? The answer to this question is to check, check and check again. In your initial quote request, and again at confirmation of purchase, advise of your expectation on packaging. Changing packaging after production has started could be quite costly.

To provide further assurance on the standard of packaging, we would recommend engaging a pre-shipment inspection service. FFB can provide some direction with this if required.

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What’s the time?

Will you require your cargo by a certain date at the end destination? When will the goods be ready to ship? Different services (fast or slow) will attract different pricing, sea versus air and the time of year that the shipment takes place can also have an affect on pricing.

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Where is it going?

When considering quantity and shipping method, also think about what will be required when the goods land at destination (at your door or your customer’s door).

  • Is there space for a full container to be placed on the ground for unpacking?
  • Do you have the manpower to unpack the container in a timely manner?
  • If the cargo is delivered on pallets is there a forklift onsite to lift off the truck?

Have more questions? Want to discuss a new import? Talk to the team at BFFS!

At BFFS, we value our clients’ time. We know that important to know your shipments are on track at all times. For this reason, we have created an online client portal where customers can log in for real-time updates. Sticking to our name, our team is also available to personally discuss your accounts and orders in detail during business hours. You won’t get lost in the process – that’s a promise!  

BFFS is one of the best shipping companies Brisbane. We guarantee that you will benefit from our years of service. Contact us today to know more about how the services BFFS offers could open more business opportunities for your company and take the stress out of logistics.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does a Freight Forwarder Charge?

Just like with any other cost assessment, the cost for freight forwarder charges needs to take in several factors first. Keep in mind that your freight forwarder’s pricing structure must have all the things that your shipment will need.

There are freight forwarders that come up with freight rates starting with a flat fee whilst others charge on the basis of weight and volume.

If you plan to get the services of the freight forwarder for your shipments, then coming up or agreeing on a better deal will help lessen your costs. However, price is just one of the many considerations in choosing the right freight forwarder, as you must also consider these:

  • Assess if you need consolidating services
  • Know if your shipment is small enough to be assembled into a bigger cargo
  • Look out for hidden costs
  • Make sure that your freight forwarder gives you a detailed breakdown of all costs for your shipments.

What is a freight forwarder responsible for?

A freight forwarder serves as an agent and manages the shipment of your imported goods, starting from origin to destination. It makes sure that your goods get across international borders, covering logistics and transportation.

A freight forwarder also does the booking to the carrier companies, be it by road, sea, rail, or air. While at it, it makes sure that the contracted shipping terms are in sync with the responsibilities of the seller and buyer for the goods shipped.

How do I find a good freight forwarder?

There are several associations or organizations that can recommend the best freight forwarder for you. You can look up associations representing the freight forwarding industry. In Australia, The International Forwarders And Customs Brokers Association is known as the country’s top national body, and it functions to make sure that there is an adequate representation of the members and their interests in the field of international trade logistics.

Also, they oversee the supply chain management service provider in Australia. Another one is Australia’s International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, and it is one of the biggest NGOs in Australia, taking in its place specifically in the transportation industry.

How much is a customs broker?

Usually, custom broker fees are:

  • $60 for post-customs clearance
  • $110 for air freight customs clearance
  • $125 for sea freight customs clearance

For food products, alcoholic products, personal effects, unaccompanied goods, individual and personal goods, the rates for import permits are different.

You might want to know that Australian customs duty rates start at 5% based on the value of the goods, and a good and service tax begins at 10% based on imported goods.

What does a customs broker do Australia?

This professional is licensed by Australian Border Force, and what a customs broker does is to function as an agent for commercial businesses importing goods into Australia. A customs broker handles and facilitates the customs clearance of a shipment before the Australian Border Force and other government bodies.

Furthermore, a customs broker will assess the correct code, customs value and arrive at the correct amount due. Because there are changing government rules and regulations pertaining to import transactions, it is important to have a customs broker by your side.

Do you need a customs broker?

It is really ideal and beneficial to use a customs broker, more so when your business is about to import a large number of products into Australia or when your business has frequent shipments.

A customs broker is someone who can alleviate some of the pressure from the needed papers to bring the goods across the border safely.  These professionals make and arrange all the documentation, and they clear all customs upon the ship’s arrival at the port of entry.

Functions that a customs broker does include assessing the duties, taxes, and fees your business must pay for the shipment, putting together customs bonds, certification of goods, duty drawbacks, and the final dispatching of the consigned goods.